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The pictures from 2010 observations have now been released and are presented next. All images are copyright of the authors.


1a - Sunrise 17.3.-22.3.2010, Rovaniemi, Finland, 66.5º N 25.7º E.
Very near the Arctic circle. Look at the scanned data sheet series S.


1b - Sunset, the same location as in 1a. 17.-23.3.2010.
Data sheet, series K.


1c - Sunrise 21.3.2010, Rovaniemi, Kivitaipale, Finland, 66.3º N 25.9º E.
The bend towards right is caused by the Sun thawing the snow during the morning; the tripod resting on the snow tilted.
Data sheet PV.


2a - Sunset 20.-26.3.2010, Espoo (near Helsinki), Finland, 60.º N 24.9º E.
Photographer: Irma Hannula.


2b - Sunrise 18.-30.3.2010, Turku, Finland, 60.5° N 22.3° E.
Photographers Jessina Nieminen and Stella Tähtinen.
Teacher: Roope Kurkijarvi.


3 - Sunset, Cascais, Portugal 38º42 N 9º25 W.
Photographer: Salvador M.Bruschy.
Teacher: Leonor Cabral.


4 - Sunset 11.-15.4.2010.
Location and photographer same as in 2.


5 - Sunset 1.-17.4.2010, Bad Honneff, Berlin, Germany, 52.5° N 13.2° E.
Photographer: Werner Warland.