Space Art Contest 2016

Space Art is a project whose aim is to stimulate students to discover the universe and its beauty. Art is a perfect way to achieve this.

The goal of the European Astronomy Contest Space Art  is to stimulate the creativity and independent work of students from primary European schools, to strengthen and expand their astronomical knowledge and skills, and to help the spread of information technologies in the educational process.

The idea of the Space Art program is to encourage very young students (6 to 12 years old) to imagine about the Universe, to learn about astronomy and discover things for themselves by researching information on an astronomical object.

They just have to look for it in the sky, books or the internet and then draw it or make a picture of it using photography or combined techniques.

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Space Art is organised jointly by theEuropean Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) and Universe Awareness (UNAWE). Its aim is to encourage creativity and independent work amongst young students, and to strengthen and expand their astronomical knowledge and creativity.


Besides the Contest

Space Art is a site where students' vision can be placed and shared.

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We want students, up to 16 years old, to represent through drawings or photographs their favourite astronomical object.

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