List of the Catch a Star Winners 2015.

First place

Experimental determination of the obliquity of the ecliptic.
Students: Clara Preixens Vidal, David Beberide Sabarich, Anna Alonso Giro.
Teacher: Anicet Cosialls Manonelles, Spain.

Comparative study of two solar eclipses in the 21st century.
Students: Nuria Babot, Guillem Serrado and Alba Ganau.
Teacher: Anicet Cosialls, Spain.

Experimental determination of the Moon´s density.
Students: Julia Dominguez, Andrea Cabero and Albert Gomez.
Teacher: Anicet Cosialls Manonelles, Spain.

Second place

Testing the universal gravitation law to the limit.
Teachers : Jose Maria Diaz Fuentes (and associate prof: Maria de la Yedra Martinez Exposito).
Students: Andrea Moral Suarez, Natalia Serrano Lopez, Andres Garcia Morcillo.
School: Salesianos "Santo Domingo Savio" - Ubeda, Spain.

Great impacts.
Teachers: Francisco Trillo Poveda (and associate prof: Maria de la Yedra Martinez Exposito).
Studnets: Olga Vilar Alises, Ivan Padila Muro,Diego Moreno Duenas.
School: Salesianos "Santo Domingo Savio" - Ubeda, Spain.

Third place

Disconnection Events in Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy’s Tail.
Students: Viktoria Mircheva, Dimitar Paronov.
Teacher: Yoanna Kokotanekova, Bulgaria.

Magnetic Field and the Promonences.
Students: Bayryam Mustafa Nayramali, Georgi Kirilov Vasev.
Teacher: Yoanna Kokotanekova, Bulgaria.

“Rozetta Mission” in our observatory.
Student: Petya Dimitrova.
Teacher: Yoanna Kokotanekova, Bulgaria.

Fourth place

How to measure seeing.
Student: Jakub Kolar.
Teacher: RNDr Jiri Prudky Prostejov. The Czech Republic.

Fifth place

The colours of the Universe, the amateur astronomical spectroscopy.
Student: Anna Paleczek.
Teacher: mgr inz. Lukasz Maslaniec, Poland.

Special prize for young astronomers

Comets, vagrants of the universe.
Students: Marina Fernandez Codeseda, Gabriel Martinez Garcia, Hugo Sufuentes Arija.
Teacher: Dolores Fernandez Monistrol, Spain.

Special prize for international participants

Measuring the Dark Energy in the Universe.
Students: J. Leyva, L. Cabrera, P. Olgoso, C. Munoz, S. Ortiz,C. Montes, P. Medina, T. Pozo, P. Aranguez, L. Barrios, A. Molina, I. Marin, N. Finisi, L. Galan, A. Hamod, A. Guindo, L. Ortiz, J. Vida, I. Vida, C. Martinez, M. Valdivia, D. Jaldo.
Teachers: A. Molino , J. Caceres and A. Sota, São Paulo, Brasil.

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