In this news we just want to remind you all that the deadline to participate in our Catch a Star and Space Art contests will end on March 31.

On the other hand, we announce that on April 1, the EAAE will launch a new contest: Astronomy in all Seasons: Seize the day, Seize the year. You can find all the information about it on our website.

We hope, as until now, to continue counting on your participation in this new EAAE project.

In addition, we have received information about a new educational material that we present here, in         
case it could be of interest to promote the learning of Astronomy.

The title is: The Space Deck: Educational playing cards to get a complete overview of the field of astronomy and space science.

Brief Description

The Space Deck aims to provide anyone curious about this field, a way to get a complete overview, glimpse, or an introduction to the subject in an "organized", fun and engaging manner.


The deck is divided into four sub-themes.

  1. Spades: Renowned Scientists and Innovators 13 cards on renowned scientists and innovators who have made significant contributions to expanding humanity's understanding of the universe.
  2. Hearts: Evolution of Stars 13 cards on the different stages of a star in its evolutionary journey. Right  from birth till the very end.
  3. Clubs: Epic Space Probes 13 fundamental concepts related to the diverse field of space science. All topics are covered with the intent to answer as many questions of a curious mind.
  4. Diamonds: The complete universe #13 cards covering different cosmic entities. An attempt has been made to cover the entire observable universe in 13 cards.

March 17, 2024


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