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The International Astronomy Olympiad was founded on June 7, 1996, as an annual astronomy competition for high-school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads. According to the Founding Statutes, the Olympiad is held every year, some time in the period from September to December, in one of the astronomical centres of the Olympiad member states. School children of several age groups take part in the Olympiad. 

Ist International Astronomy Olympiad 1996, Nizhniy Archyz, Russia
Theoretical Problems

IInd IAO 1997, Nizhniy Archyz, Russia

IIIrd IAO 1998, Nizhniy Archyz, Russia

IVth IAO 1999, Nauchniy, Crimea

Vth IAO 2000, Nizhniy Archyz, Russia

VIth IAO 2001, Nauchniy, Crimea

VIIth IAO 2002, Nizhniy Archyz, Russia

VIIIth IAO 2003, Saltsjöbaden/Stockholm, Sweden

IXth IAO 2004, Simeiz, Crimea

Xth IAO 2005, Beijing, China

XIth IAO 2006, Mumbai, India

XIIth IAO 2007, Simeiz, Crimea

XIIIth IAO 2008, Trieste, Italy

XIVth IAO 2009, Hangzhou, China

XVth IAO 2010, Sudak, Crimea 

XVIth IAO 2011, Almaty, Kazakhstan

XVIIth IAO 2012, Gwangju, South Korea

XVIIIth IAO 2013, Lithuania 


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