To use these calculators you need to have you latitude in decimal degrees and press the "Submit" button.

If you used Google Maps to get your geographic position then you can input the value of the latitude directly.

If you used a GPS then you must convert the latitude in degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees.

This can be done on the Angle Converter tool in the calculations menú.

Distance to Equator

Used on Equinoce (March 21st and September 23rd) measurements

The calculator will give you your school's latitude difference and distance in km to Equator (latitude 00.00º).

Positive values mean you are North of the Tropic of Cancer and negative values mean that you are South of the Tropic of Cancer.

If you live in a Country in the Southern Hemisphere write your decimal latitude as negative (e.g. 45.56º S = -45.56º).

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