The materials listed below may be of interest to complement the main subject of "Eratosthenes project".

They have been prepared by members of the EAAE:

- Solving problems with a solar motion demonstrator (View)

- Luminosity and temperatures of the Sun (View)

- Aristarcho's proportion (View)

- Determining longitude and latitude observing only one star (View)

- Let us observe the daily path of the Sun (View)

- The Sun and its daily and annual paths (View)

- Making helioscopes with four sticks (View)

- Measuring the diameter of the Sun (View)

- Sunrise and sunset position change every day (View)

- The Sun above and below the local horizon (View)

- Building simple sundials (View)

- Observations with a pinhole camera (View)

- Study of the Sun rotation. Spotting and movements (View)

- Latitude gnomon and quadrant for the whole year (View)

- Studies on the shadow of an obelisk used as horizontal sundial (View)

- Where are you? Locating by the Sun (View)