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Executive Council deliberation of December 2010.

In December 2010 the Executive Council passed to have the following composition:

President: Rosa M. Ros
Vice-president. Veselka Radeva
Treasurer: Alan Pickwick
Secretary: Crisitna Palici di Suni
Editor/Webmaster: Alexandre Costa
Irma Hannula
Janet Hilton
Carla Ribeiro
Eder Viñuales

Co-opt: Olympiads. Anders Västerberg
Co-opt. Summer Schools: Francis Berthomieu

The EAAE Working Groups passed to be the following:

WG1: Cooperative projects
Chairperson: Irma Hannula

WG2: Catch a Star
Chairperson: Janet Hilton and Veselka Radeva

WG3: Summer Schools
Chairperson: Rosa M. Ros