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June 2012

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This month the highlights go to Projects "Sunrise" and "Find a Sundial...Show it to us!". Results of both projects have been announced close to the end of this school year.

As you might have noticed this newsletter hasn't been sent for a while. Many problems withs hackers aon the website have several constrained webteam activity and this has conditioned all things during the last months. In fact, it has been decided that this nesletter will only have EAAE news from this number on. If something very exciting is released in Astronomy didactic tools or software, we will also make a mention to it.

Nontheless you can always read astronomy news on our blog at and you can even receive it through a dialy email diggest at your home if you fill the form at that only requires your email. The blog is update almost daily and sometimes with more than one news in a day. This way you can keep up with Astronomy and Astronomy tools news there. You can also follow the blog's mirror at Facebook and Twitter.

You can also learn about the calendar for Astronomical Phenomena by search for the link on the right of the EAAE's webpage or click on the link

From now on the newsletter will only be released when EAAE exclusive news are released. This will bring you things that only interest to EAAE members in a way that provides a cleaner transmission of information.

We wish you all clear skies.

The EAAE Webteam

Sunrise Project 2012 Results Released


Close to the 2012 Spring Equinox students from several schools all around Europe have built pinhole cameras by themselves. The pinhole cameras were made of matt-black cardboard and other simple material using a design scheme that was provided by Sakari Ekko the project coordinator.

The pictures from these observations have now been released and are presented next. All images are copyright of the authors.

Photo 1

Location: Muonio, Finland 67.95º N 23.65º E
Date: 23.-28.3.2012
Teacher: Manu Vuontisjarvi
e-mail: manu.vuontisjarvi(at)



Photo 2

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia 46.05º N 14.53º E
Date: around 21.3.2012
School: Trnovo Primary School
Team: Astro Trnovo
Teacher: Igor Gajser
Team members: Jakob Robnik, Vid Rotvejn Pajič, Benjamin Kušar
e-mail: igor.gajser(at)


Photos 3 - 5

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia 45.97º N 14.66º E
Date: 27.3.2012
School: Jože Plečnik Grammar School Ljubljana
Teacher: Boris Kham
Team members: Rok Pučnik, Jurij Šteblaj, Gal Gračanin, Jan Šmalc
e-mail: astroboris(at)




Photo 6

Location: Belfiore, Verona, Italy 45.37º N 11.00º E
Date: around 21.3.2012
Team: Quarks
Teacher: Massimo Bubani
e-mail: massimo.bubani(at)


Photo 7

Location: Chorzow, Poland 50.30º N 18.95º E
Date: 23.-27.3.2012
Teacher: Iwona Gawor, Malgorzata Nicewicz
Team members: Mariusz Ciesielski, Kamil Karkowski, Dominik Kołodziejczyk
e-mail: zstnr2(at)


Photo 8

Location: Bytom, Poland 50.34º N 18.00º E
Date: 23.-28.3.2012
Teacher: Iwona Gawor, Malgorzata Nicewicz
Team members: Mariusz Ciesielski, Kamil Karkowski, Dominik Kołodziejczyk
e-mail: zstnr2(at)


Photos 9 – 10

Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria 41.9º N 25.5º E
Date: around 21.3.2012
School: Astronomical Club “Helios”
Team: Helios
Teacher: Yoanna Kokotanekova
Team members: Yovelina Vasileva Zinkova, Radostina Boykova Velevska, Ivana Dimitrova Yankova,Dimitar Pavlov Kanaliev, Alexander Sashev Milchev, Bayryam Mustafa Bayryamali, Victoria Slavcheva Milcheva, Plamen Krasenov Dinev, Kristina Rumenova Daneva, Vanesa Rumenova Dimitrova, Petya Atanasova Atanasova, Nikoleta Dimitrova Nikolova, Evelina Kostadinova Dimitrova, Yordanka Ivanova Stoyanova, Elitsa Georgieva Dimova, Anton Angelov Angelov, Stamo Nikolaev Valchev
e-mail: jkokotanekova(at)



Photos 11 - 12

Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria 41.9º N 25.5º E
Date: around 21.3.2012
School: Astronomical Observatory by Youth Center Haskovo
Team: Haskovo Stars
Teacher: Tsveta Stefanova Paranova
Team members: Mariela Dragomirova Dragieva, Dimitriya Yordanova Vasileva, Stefani Mladenova Dimitrova, Tanya Stanimirova Mihaylova, Daniela Galinova Dimitrova, Tsvetelina Yurieva Nardova, Elena Ivanova Nikolova, Dimitar Rumenov Kolev
e-mail: astrokonkurs(at)



You can find more about the results at the following webpage:

Project's website:


Resolution of the EAAE "Find a Sundial and ... Show it to us!" Competition 2011-2012

By Antonio Pérez Verde and Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín

Dear friends,
First at all, we want to thank all participants in this EAAE project their work and collaboration because without them it would not have been possible to do. It is true that participation has not been very high. Our expectations about participation were much higher than occurred.
When we launched this project on our website we thought that the subject of sundials was very attractive and that students might find it attractive because it is easy that most of them have seen one in your city, town, etc.
Our intention is to convoke the second edition next autumn. We will try to improve and correct as far as possible the previous call with the end that you find more attractive and easy to understand our proposal.
In any case, we want to emphasize that in this Competition works are FREE, this is, each participant can do and present your work as they want. The rules listed in the call are only for guidance to help participants in the work to be done.
Finally, before writing the names of the winners in the two modalities (groups and individual), we want to invite and encourage to all you to participate with your students or individually in our next edition. We believe that working with sundials can bring varied knowledge to our students. On the other hand, we have so many sundials all over Europe!

Then we want to present the winners of the first edition of the EAAE Competition: Find a Sundial and ... Show it to us!

Groups Modality
First Classified:
School: Liceo Sagrado Corazón de San Fernando, Cádiz (Spain)
Tutor Teacher: Juan Manuel Vargas León

  • Juan Jiménez de Reyna
  • Jesús Daneri Cruzado
  • Manuel Benítez Pérez

Title of the Work: Castle San Romualdo’s Sundial
Second Classified:
                        School: Astronomical Observatory by Youth Center of Haskovo
Tutor Teacher: Yoanna Kokotanekova

  • Yovelina Vasileva Zinkova
  • Radostina Boykova Velevska
  • Ivana Dimitrova

Title of the Work: Analemmatic (“human”) sundial

Individual Modality
First Classified:
Name: Zhasmina Kostadinova
                        City: Varshets, Montana (Bulgaria)
                        Student of the High School Ivan Vazov in Varshets
                        Title of the Work: A sundial in the courtyard of my school
Second Classified:
                        In this modality the Competition organizers have considered appropriate to                    declare the second award desert.

On the other hand, we want to communicate to our readers that on the EAAE webside they can access to the work (in pdf) of the first prize (in both categories), whit the end of anyone interested can download it.
Also on our webside we have uploaded a small gallery of sundials photos taken from the different works presented to the Competition.

Finally we want to invite you again to participate in all the proyects that the EAAE launches on your webside and especially in Find a Sundial and … Show it to us!

Thank to all you and regards.

Antonio Pérez Verde and Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín