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The EAAE webteam is the following:

  • Alexandre Costa -  Editor/Webmaster.
  • Charles-Henri Eyraud - Project Webmaster for the Working Group 1 "Collaborative Projects" Section.
  • Francis Berthomieu - Project Webmaster for the Working Group 3 "EAAE Summer Schools" Section.
  • Anders Västerberg - Project Webmaster for the "International Astronomy Olympiads" Section. Anders Västerberg was the Webmaster of EAAE between 1995 and 2009 when the official domain was http://www.eaae-astro.org/. In 1996 the EAAE' webisite was honored with the Pan European award as a sign of appreciation and acknowledgment for efforts in process of European integration and development.

  • Bob Larcher - Project Webmaster for the "Observational Highlights Blog".
  • Luís Santos - Project Webmaster for the "Space Art" Section.