Since Man became aware about the periodic character of the day, the attempts to measure time have been systematic. Using the beat of the heart and by developing simple instruments, Man started to try to measure time.

At a certain point our human ancestors guessed the time of day by observing the sun's movement from morning until night. Sunrise and sunset required no calculation, mid day (or noon) was a little bit trickier, but the time between these three reference moments left them baffled.

Their observations showed them that shadows cast changed in length and moved throughout the day. After a while they understood that it would be easier to measure the passing of time by observing the change in shadow lengths than by observing the movement of the Sun directly. This was the birth of Sundials.

During History, sundials have evolved into many forms and are widely spread out European countries.

So we challenge you: Find a Sundial... and tell us about it.