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Lunar and Solar Eclipses in the year 2012

Four eclipses can be observed during the year 2012, one total eclipse of the Sun, one annular eclipse of the Sun, one partial lunar eclipse and one penumbral lunar eclipse. Nonetheless Europe will only see the penumbral lunar eclipse, except for Portugal and Spain that won’t see this eclipse because it ends before moonrise. The penumbral eclipse isn’t a show by itself because the moon just gets slightly obscured as it passes by the penumbra part of Earth’s shadow.

The solar and lunar eclipses will be on these dates:

  • 2012 May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse
  • 2012 June 04: Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 2012 November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
  • 2012 November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

May 20th, 2012: Annular Solar Eclipse

Visible in: Eastern China, Japan and Western USA

  • Totality duration - 22:32 UT(May 20)- 01:26 UT(May 21)

At the moment of the eclipse it is night over Europe so it won’t be visible.

NOTE: The times are given in Universal Time (UT) which is the same as GMT. Therefore for the use in connection with an observation it may be necessary be necessary to transfer the Universal Time in the Local Time of your country.

June 4th, 2012: Partial Lunar Eclipse

This eclipse will occur during the day in Europe and therefore the eclipse won’t be seen. At the instant of greatest eclipse the umbral eclipse magnitude will reach 37%. At that time the Moon will be at the zenith for observers in the South Pacific.

The times for the different phases of the eclipse are:

  • Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 08:48:09 UT
  • Partial Eclipse Begins: 09:59:53 UT
  • Greatest Eclipse: 11:03:13 UT
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:06:30 UT
  • Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:18:17 UT

November 13th, 2012: Total Solar Eclipse

The path of the Moon's umbral shadow crosses the South Pacific Ocean where it makes no passes over land except for northern Australia. Even the partial eclipse zone passes very small areas of land over the South Pacific region. Therefore the eclipse will not be visible from Europe because as in the previous it will be night time.

  • Totality duration - 20:35 UT - 23:48 UT 2012

November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

The last lunar eclipse of 2012 is a deep penumbral eclipse with a magnitude of 91,55%. It should be visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the northern half of the Moon. The times of the major phases are listed below.

  • Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 12:14:58 UT
  • Greatest Eclipse: 14:33:00 UT
  • Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 16:51:02 UT

It should be visible after moonrise in Eastern and Central Europe and most of Western Europe will be able to see the end of the eclipse, except for Portugal and Spain, where moonrise occurs after the end of the eclipse.

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